Ordr.in APIs are designed to allow you to easily retrieve restaurant and menu data and then accept an order to be placed with a specified restaurant. Please see both our Restaurant API and our Order API.

All our APIs are RESTful and return JSON. You will first need to sign up for a developer key if you have not already.


Once you have your key, API authentication happens in one of two ways. Every request should contain the following HTTP header:


However if you can not set the HTTP header fields, you can also add it to the query string as the _auth field. It is both the id and the version field separated by a comma. So for example (NB: version is always 1):

/rd/100?_auth=1,[YOUR KEY HERE]
Alternate HTTP Method specification

If you need to send a request that is not GET or POST, but you are unable to specify a PUT or DELETE in your request, you can make the request as a POST and append:




and it will be as if you had sent across the method normally.